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Artist Statement

Stephens’ work is an exploration and an interpretation of rural and urban settings and is a search for beauty both natural and man-made. He hopes when people see his work they will be encouraged to see beauty in everyday places in the city and aspects of their surroundings that they wouldn’t normally pay attention to, be it people, landscapes, the urban, the suburban, the rural or just daily routines. He explores the ordinary and the everyday and is inspired by the light, colour and mood of Irish landscapes and their ever-changing scenes. As he says “I paint what I know!” Most of his work is an exploration of places he knows well: the city streets of Derry and Dublin, or the rural and coastal areas of Inishowen and beyond.


Stephen has been painting for a number of years on and off but only took it up seriously in 2015. His preferred medium is acrylic and his main body of work are rural and urban landscapes. He is described as having an impressionistic and at times expressionistic style of painting. His paintings can vary in style depending on mood, experiences and the places he visits and from imagination. He grew up in the Prehen area of Derry which has the advantage of being both close to the city to the countryside. With forests, fields, rivers, streams and the city centre all within walking distance. These experiences helped garner his interest and exploration of both rural and urban landscapes. He learned the basics of painting in school and during my foundation art year but is predominately a self-taught artist. He studied visual communication in Belfast and has worked for several years as a graphic designer in Dublin where he currently resides. He enjoys juggling a professional career in graphic design and painting most evenings and weekends.

If you have any inquiries about art sales, custom prints or commission paintings please feel free to get in touch!

Exhibition Curator

In 2017, Stephen curated and exhibited “Fields of Vision” at The Garden of Reflection Gallery, Derry. Fields of Vision was a visual collaboration and showcase of 24 local artists and photographers that came together under the facebook group #DERRYcreatives.

The same year he organised and curated “Quotidian” group exhibition at Inspire Gallerie, Dublin. The aim of the exhibition was to explore the views and interpretations of everyday rural and urban settings and is a search for beauty both natural and man-made. Every day is ordinary, until it isn’t…

In September 2017 Sinéad Smyth and Stephen organised and curated “Art in Mini” which was a visual collaboration and showcase of over 40 artists from across the North West of Ireland in the heart of Inishowen. Many of the works were inspired pieces that explored the rural and urban landscapes of Derry and Donegal and the North-West. Pieces included paintings, sculpture and photography. The exhibition was launched by the highly talented, Inishowen based sculptor Maurice Harron.

Stephen Shaw | Irish Artist & Painter | Derry & Dublin
Stephen Shaw | Irish Artist & Painter | Derry & Dublin